Since the early days of the web there has been great potential for online clinical research. The mid-2000s brought a leap in sophistication of open source tools available for modern software development. We saw the opportunity to develop high-quality flexible web-based eCRF (electronic Case Report Form) and research tools for better quality research. And so Research Path was born.

Founded out of a sensitivity to the landscape of limited grant funding, Research Path began with a mission to provide investigator-initiated research teams with secure modern tools for better research management.

Since then we have enabled our clients to streamline data collection and randomisation, increase data quality, use fewer staff to get more done and help the budget go further.

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Our Approach

We focus on the whole data life-cycle, helping you to self-manage your trial with a user-friendly web-based application.

No matter the size of the project, you will always have:

  • a dedicated project manager for the duration of the project
  • input from the team on best practice in data collection and management, regardless of what stage we join the project
  • technical support for the duration of study

We work hard to get you the most from your funding. Our industry experience and leading technologies further the reach and power of your research, ensuring the best outcomes, and highest quality data

Our Director

Director Adam Meehan has worked in clinical data management and software development since 1999 where he started his career as the Data Manager and Software Developer for AusDiab national diabetes study. He has extensive experience in developing web-based eCRFs and customised software for clinical and epidemiology research groups.

A background in research and software development enables him to understand the special needs of research teams, and translate them into technical solutions, while avoiding the technical jargon.

Adam Meehan, Director