Back from Coogee

We have just returned from beautiful Coogee, in Sydney NSW, where we participated in the ANZCA CTN Annual Strategic Workshop. Director Adam Meehan ran a workshop on Data Collection and Data Quality, focusing on both the offline and online approaches to data collection and management that can improve data quality in clinical research. It was one of the highest rated workshops by participants and we hope to attend again in the future. Thanks to Karen Goulding for the invitation to participate, and well done to Karen, Sarah Chezan, Sofie Sidiropoulos, and the ANZCA CTN for such a fantastic event. See event updates by searching #CTN16 on Twitter.

In July we also attended the Health Informatics Conference (HIC 2016), hosted by HISA, focused on the future of healthcare, including a pre-conference workshop - Connecting With Medical Devices. Well done to the HISA team on the event. It was great to make new connections with health informatics professionals from across the country.

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