MJA DALYs vs. trial funding

A recent article published in the MJA has found that heart disease, asthma, and new National Health Priority Areas, obesity and dementia, have disproportionately less clinical trials relative to their disease burden in Australia, especially when compared to cancer, cardiovascular diseases and mental disorders.

“The priority areas found to be under-represented were heart disease (70 per cent), asthma (55 per cent), obesity (51 per cent) and dementia (35 per cent)” reported Sean Parnell in The Australian online, July 20th 2015. He speculates also that while the Abott government has raised the possibility of the Future Fund being used to address dementia and cancer, it’s less likely to focus on obesity and other so-called “lifestyle diseases”.

This comes days before the Medical Research Future Fund is due to launch, pending passing of the Medical Research Future Fund Bill 2015 which is currently before the House of Representatives.

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The analysis, Australian clinical trial activity and burden of disease: an analysis of registered trials in National Health Priority Areas

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